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One of the best decisions a parent can make for a young child is putting them into daycare at an early age. It’s a difficult transition to go from...


When you have an unusual schedule and need someone you can trust to take care of your child while you deal with your other obligations, like work...

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It’s becoming increasingly more common and necessary for both parents in a family to work a full-time job. Similarly, there are many single parents...

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Educational Fun!

Nothing is more important to a parent than the safety and happiness of their child. You don’t want to drop off your toddler and wonder if they’ll be happy, if they’ll be well supervised, or if they’ll be kept safe.

When you come to Bear Hug Daycare in Waukegan, IL, you know you’re leaving your children in the best hands possible. We truly care about the happiness and development of your child, and we will help them adjust to spending the day away from their parents or family members for the first time.

This is a hard transition for every child, and some need a little more help than others to adjust. We will make them feel right at home, encourage them to learn to play with their peers, and engage them in so many fun activities that they won’t ever want to leave.

We have almost 10 years of experience in teaching and working with children. We offer daycare, child care, and after-school programs, so whatever your schedule, there’s an option for our friendly professionals to teach and encourage your child.

Even if you don’t have work or other obligations that force you to find a place to watch your child, you may still want to consider bringing your child to Bear Hug Daycare. We not only offer really fun activities and crafts for your child to work on, but it’s a great opportunity for children to play together, make friends, and learn how to interact with children outside of their family from a young age.

Come by our location or give us a call and ask about our child care, daycare, and after-school programs. We’d love to talk to you about your child and how we can accommodate your family’s particular needs.